Reasons Why Puppy Mills Should Be Illegal

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Erin Register
Communication 103
Persuasive Outline
Nov 2, 2015

General Purpose: To inform people on reasons why puppy mills should be illegal

Imagine being locked in a cage for the rest of your life hardly bigger than the size of your body, imagine you were unable to go outside and see the daylight, denied attention, and given barely enough food and water to live on. As alarming as this may seem, these conditions are simply the reality of what dogs in puppy mills are like in.
I have researched thoroughly and have read many articles to make me well informed on this topic
I am here to convince you on why puppy mills should be illegal in the United States
Some people may think that buying a pet from a pet store is essentially rescuing an animal from one of these places, and while it may be true, it is only supporting the industry and allowing it to continue with these horrible practices. I will now be explaining what we can do to stop these practices.

What is a Puppy Mill?
Definition of a puppy mill: “Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding facilities that are operated with an emphasis on profits, not animal welfare” (Reiter, 2010)
There are typically between 2,000 and 3,000 USDA-licensed breeders operating in the United States. Because so many of these breeders are operating without oversight, it 's impossible to accurately track them or to know how many there truly are. The ASPCA estimates that there could be as many as 10,000 puppy mills in the United
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