Reasons Why Roosevelt Introduced the New Deal Essay

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Reasons Why Roosevelt Introduced the New Deal There were three main reasons why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal. The first was economic and social problems in the USA, as a result of the Wall Street Crash. The second reason was because of Hoover, the president before Roosevelt; had been a weak president, and could not solve problems, and often made problems worse. The third was that Roosevelt strongly believed he could help America recover, like he himself has done when he caught polio. One of the reasons why he introduced the New Deal was because of the problems in the USA. The Wall Street Crash in 1929 affected the USA both socially and economically. This sparked off the Great Depression.…show more content…
Another reason why he introduced the New Deal was because of Hoover. Hoover was a weak president, and couldn't deal with America's problems. He tried to solve this problem with protective tariffs (putting taxes on imported goods), but this was unsuccessful and made problems worse. He also tried introducing a 'Welfare State', but not many people agreed with this, because a welfare state runs off workers' taxes, and employment was so low that not enough tax was being paid, meaning there would be no money for Hoover's Welfare State. Hoover also tried to promote the employer's 'give-a-job' scheme. This was where employers were encouraged to give jobs to unemployed people, instead of the government funding new jobs. This scheme failed as well. He also tried the 'trickle-down effect', where Hoover would 'boost' one industry with money and jobs to higher production. He hoped by doing this other companies would follow on and create higher production, however this scheme failed. Hoover had a lot of ideas, and did want to help America, but proved too weak to. Republican ideas were wholly inadequate but no different from those of Britain's National Government at the time. By the time of the 1932 Presidential Election, America was in a terrible state. Each of Hoover's policies failed, and this is why

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