Reasons Why Schools Should Start Later During The Day

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I am doing my paper on the reasons of why schools should start later in the day. I will analyze many negative effects that come with sleep deprivation, such as caffeine usage and car wrecks. I will also discuss the positive aspects of schools starting early, such as extra time for extracurricular activities.

American Academy of Pediatrics. “School Start Times for Adolescents.” Pediatrics, vol. 134, no.3, Sept 2014, pp.642-649. The American Academy of Pediatrics is composed of sixty-four thousand pediatric specialist that have obtained their board certification. The lead author of this entry, Judith A. Owens, has both a medical
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Most, if not all, of the studies I am using list depression as a common side effect. One point that I will use in my paper is that sleep deprivation can cause depression, but depression can also cause difficulty sleeping. I will also use this entry to elaborate on what depression is and how it can be treated with sleep in many cases instead of anti-depressants.

National Sleep Foundation.” Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times. There are many reasons why schools have not changed starting times yet. This article from the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is run by the U.S. Government, list eight common issues with starting schools later. Under each issue, there is an explanation and a solution. I will use this to formulate my counterargument.

Park, Alice. "School Should Start Later So Teens Can Sleep, Urge Sleep." Time. Aug. 25 2014. Alice Park, who has been writing articles about health and medicine since 1993, has used many different government sources and a quote from the director of sleep medicine at the Childrens National Medical Center to support her opinion on school starting times. Park lists the common side effects of sleep deprivation, such as obesity and mood changes, and she also brings up substance abuse as a result of a lack

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