Reasons Why Students Fail College Classes

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College can be a new experience for students. Right out of high school, college is full of many changes. Many students are unsure of what they want to study and how to balance their life. College classes are full of tests and projects and it is very important to stay on top of the work. Students who cannot keep up with their classes will often fail. There are many causes of failing a college class. Some of the main reasons students fail classes are not being prepared, not having their priorities straight, not putting in enough effort, and not being responsible for their own actions. One main reason that students fail college classes is because they are not prepared. Students coming right out of high school usually have un realistic expectation of what college actually is. In high school, the majority of a student’s grade is made up of assignments. They are able to fail a test and still receive an A in the class. In college, it is quite the opposite. It is much more test based. There are fewer assignments and more tests. The tests are worth a big portion of the grade and if a student fails one test it is likely they will get around a C grade in the class. Most students do not understand the amount of work that is required to be successful in the class. This includes time spent in the class and the time spent out of class. It is important to be present every day to not miss important material. The time spent out of class is also very important to be successful. There needs
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