Reasons Why Testing Products On Animals

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Sherie Moody
ENC 1101 –section #296
October 19, 2015
Reasons Why Testing Products on Animals is Wrong
Don’t we all have rights? Believe it or not animals have rights, just like humans. It is inhumane to tamper with the lives of animals. Animals have no idea what’s going on when experimentation is happening. We should nurture and care for the animals, not pick and poke, and inject substances into them. It is not right. No one should want to harm a poor helpless bunny, just see if the mascara is perfect enough for the human eyes. Animal experimentation is a selfish act, humans are only thinking of themselves. Even though some scientist believe animals experimentation is necessary to ensure product safety, scientist shouldn’t be able to test products on animals, animals are delicate creatures, there are many other ways products can be tested without using animals and animals aren’t the best test subject.
Animals are delicate creatures. Animals have rights. According to Home Office, there was a two percent increase in 2011 for the total number of animal testing procedures. There was then a campaign set out. The campaigning group was called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or Peta. PETA did an investigation and a lab in Denver was throwing away live animals into the trash. The animals then died a slow painful death. There were so many welfare violations being made. One scientist was trying to restrain a rabbit and ended up breaking the rabbits back. There were twenty

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