Reasons Why The Roman Catholics And The Eastern Orthodox Split

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There are many logical reasons why the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox split. Those in Constantinople and those in Rome believed to head the Church as the state. The Eastern areas of the Church used Greek in the church while the West used Latin, automatically this lead divergence in thought. The difference fueled confusion. The Eastern Church did not accept the claims of supremacy made by the pope. The remaining Churches were, despite several temporary periods of schism united until 1054. The schism of 1054 was the decisive split between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics. The great schism is widely believed to be a disagreement that separated the church in two, Eastern Orthodox and Western Roman Catholic, during the period of the great Roman Empire. Nonetheless, the term cannot be conclusively examined without studying the subsequent problem that occurred in the Roman Catholic and the resulting growth of the English and French empire because of this. There are many events which contributed to the great schism and there continues a lively debate on whether it could have been avoided. In addition, there are many players whose actions aided in the schism among them Pope Boniface VIII, Phillip IV and the Avignon Papacy. Above the people and events that led to the schism, there existed matters other factors like geography, doctrinal issues, political considerations and economic matters which provided a fertile ground for the great schism. Yet there were efforts
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