Reasons Why Urban And Rural Areas Are Interdependent On Each Other

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INTRODUCTION Currently, most of the world’s population is living in urban areas which have implications for land use and land changes, use of natural resources, and the absorption of rural labour in urban areas. The rural and urban interdependence means the flow of natural resources, agricultural commodity, money, information and services between rural and urban areas. Moreover, the rural population is adopting the urban style and behaviour or is becoming socially urbanized. According to Steinberg (2014) economic development and natural resource use and as well as livelihoods bind urban and rural areas together. These indicate that urban and rural areas have a symbiotic relationship, which makes them to depend on each other. Thus, one area needs the other to function and develop. This essay will outline and discuss the ways and reasons why urban and rural areas are interdependent on each other. RURAL AND URBAN INTERACTION Source: Repp et al. (2012). There is a rich flow between urban and rural areas in domestic and tourism and consumption, such as rural people visiting urban and spending money on food and entertainment. One of the factors that indicate the interdependent between rural and urban areas is spatial flow. The…show more content…
Rural areas play a role in accommodating and managing waste from urban areas because in rural areas the space is enough unlike in urban areas where there is limited space, high rents, or environmental conflicts Kubische (2007). The waste in urban areas flows to rural areas and is a worldwide phenomenon. Water pollution, loss and degradation of farmland through urban expansion, soil erosion, threats to forests, coastlines, and marine ecosystems from disposal toxic wastes air pollution and acid rain from urban industries, power generation, and motor vehicles, are among the long list flow that position many rural areas as dumping grounds for urban

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