Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog Right Away

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5 Reason why you should get a dog right away
Dogs have been human’s best friend from the beginning of time. There are thousands of stories in regards to canine’s bravery, loyalty, and emotional connection. Dogs are the only species of mammal that are most close to humans, closers than cats. There are uncountable benefits of having dogs as friends. I had listed some of the benefits below:

1. You are safe

Regardless of how strong and effective security system you installed in your home, it is not comparable with the security provided by the dogs. The more dogs you have the better it is. When you have two or more dogs and when they bark in a row it scares the hell out of anybody. Does not matter how macho or strong the man is, two dogs when barks together are enough to keep
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You get more social support when you walk with your dog, and the more social support you get the more you improve your psychological and physical health. Social support leads to less depression, less loneliness, greater self-esteem and greater happiness. Owning a dog will make you experience unconditional love, companionship, and social connectedness. When a person experiences the above mention points in his life, his mortality rate automatically increase. 5. You live in the present moment
Most of us spend our lives living in the past or future, remembering the past events or thinking about, what will happen in the future. Living in the past or future is really a bad thing to do. Getting a dog will always keep you busy and you will be free from all the problems and an issue that is hammering you. Owning a dog means dedicating time and dedicating time to something means living in the present. You get a purpose in life, when you have the purpose you are fully in the moment and being fully in the present means you are not worrying about the past or
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