Reasons You Should Use Drones For Confined Space Inspection

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Reasons You Should Use Drones For Confined Space Inspection Accessing and inspecting the confined spaces in the oil and gas industry, construction sites and other facilities can be challenging. The tasks are usually dangerous, time-consuming and costly. Potential risks include workers getting stuck, exposure to toxic gases or liquids, dust or chemicals and more. Further, even after accessing them, the limited space may hinder the worker’s movements and ability to perform a comprehensive and effective inspection. To overcome these challenges, the companies in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and service industries can use drones to safely access and inspect the confined spaces such as tunnels, pipes, ducts, tanks, chimneys, and…show more content…
Drones for confined spaces The exercise requires superior features that enable the UAVs to access the locations that regular drones cannot. Unlike the regular spaces, the confined spaces require special drones and software. Although, the construction may differ from one application to the other, the technology should provide a means of controlling the drone beyond the line of sight since the confined spaces may be in hidden locations. Further, the drones must have collision tolerant features in order to effectively move around without getting stuck or components crashing into objects. As such not all drones are suitable for the difficult environments. The confined space inspection drones are usually equipped with onboard LED lighting, high definition cameras and housed in collision tolerant carbon fiber cage. In addition, some can be operated remotely from locations beyond the line of sight without the aid of a GPS. A common UAV for these tasks is the Flyability Elios inspection drone. This has additional features such as a thermal vision camera, high-resolution photo cameras, LED lighting, and an easy navigation technology that enables a user to collect visual and thermal images in dark confined spaces. The Elios "ball" drone has a gyroscope technology and is usually

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