Reasons behind Suicide

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Total in that year was 30,622 people
In order to help someone who has suicidal thoughts, you need to see the signs first. Most people will drop hints by talking about wanting to die or how they would do it. It’s a major red flag when that person goes to family and friends to say their goodbyes. Some people aren’t as open about their thoughts; instead they will turn to alcohol or drugs and not really say anything. They think that drugs and alcohol will fix everything or make everything better. Meanwhile substances, like alcohol, are depressants which will only make matters worse (Caruso). There are 10 common characteristics with suicide. The first is the common stimulus, psychological pain. Psychological pain could be a person being picked on verbally which causes no physical injuries. The second is common stressor, psychological needs. When a person is undergoing thoughts of suicide they first start out with needs. These are what a person needs to feel better than what they already feel. The common purpose is to seek a solution. While a person wants to feel better they will try to seek a solution. This is where people will start drinking or doing drugs because they think it can help them when overall it’s only causing more damage (“Common”). The most common emotions a person who wishes to commit suicide will feel helplessness and hopelessness. They feel like nothing will help the…
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