Reasons for Allied Victory in World War One

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The extent to which a country can establish and retain a state of ‘Total War’ inevitably leads to victory. In World War 1, the allied forces ability to achieve this resulted in their success. The production of munitions and American funding, resource allocation and the British Blockade, gave the allies a clear advantage on the home front. The utilization of the superior weaponry and manpower as well as improved tactics on the battlefront gave the allies an upper hand in this war of attrition. The final loss of German morale on both the home and battlefronts, directly influenced by allied propaganda, the arrival of the Americans and Germany’s political instability, led to the cessation of the war and thus, allied victory. The allied and…show more content…
These strategies were then consolidated in 1918. The allies also adopted the use of Gas, it being one of the most feared weapons. Source B depicts the use of gas masks. As gas was used frequently, allied soldiers would often wear their masks as a precautionary measure, especially when firing machine guns, like the source shows. The allied forces superior manpower aided in the war of attrition that WW1 had become. The allies could gain troops from a number of nations as by the end of the War, over 32 countries were supporting them. Germany was by then fighting alone. As source C displays, despite the fact that the allies had more military deaths than that of the central powers, their population was around eight times larger, thus allowing this high loss of life. The Allied forces essentially had more personnel, weaponry and munitions supplies. This, along with their ability to develop tactics and engage all elements of the battlefront, supported the perpetuation of ‘Total War’ and the allies’ victory. The loss of German morale on both the home and battlefronts greatly affected the outcome of the war. This diminution of confidence was directly related to allied propaganda, the entrance of the Americans to WW1 and the political instability of Germany. The lack of food supplies due to the British Blockade and increasing casualty lists begun to make an impact on German morale. This, combined with the allies’
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