Essay about Reasons for Global Warming and What Can Be Done About It

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Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate. The Earth goes through natural heating and cooling cycles, but many people think recent spikes in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases due to developing industry are interfering with the Earth’s natural cycle, causing irregular global warming. The theory that humans burning fossil fuels causes global warming isn’t completely based on fact. It is based more on predictions of the future and assumptions of the past which cannot accurately be determined. Global warming is a part of Earth’s natural process, not because of human pollution. First of all, Earth undergoes what is called interglacial and glacial periods, …show more content…

Single celled marine organisms that live at the bottom of Earth’s oceans gain nutrients from windblown dust that is captured by surface plankton who sink down to the bottom of the Southern Ocean when they die, providing nutrients to these organisms. When nourished, these organisms give off high levels of carbon dioxide into the water, which rise to the surface and mix with the atmosphere causing fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels. Changes in the atmospheric interaction with the chemicals of these organisms vary highly when transitioning from interglacial to glacial periods, and can have rapid impacts on climate at particularly low levels of windblown dust in the oceans. More research is being conducted to find the impact of these microorganisms on the climate, but it is believed that they have caused rapid changes to Earth’s climate in the past. Finally, another factor to why global warming is most likely not human caused, is that temperature measurement is relatively new. The oldest series of temperature measurement is from Central England and goes back to the mid 17th century. To get approximate measurements of the global temperature from thousands or even millions of years ago proxies (substitutes) must be used. Proxies of temperature measurement are tree rings and ice cores, but these are not entirely accurate, it is harder to obtain accurate measurements from further back in time. So, it is not certain that the Earth hasn’t gone

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