Reasons for High Wages in the UK Oil and Gas Industry

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Reasons for High Wages in the Oil and Gas Industry Introduction For the last 50 years the oil and gas industry has been the UK's most successful industrial story, this is because it provides energy and chemicals that are essential for transportation, home use and other industries, the industry also supports the economy in terms of tax and export revenues. This is a lucrative industry as every month there are billions of pounds in the international trade that take place, this industries are highly competitive and pressurized and they need workers who have cutting edge skills for their survival(The Editorial, 2006). In the UK this industry employs close to 320,000 people directly, this is because the industry has a wide range of positions that suit different people, there are positions for people who love the great outdoors, others love office work and there are others who love a mix a both conditions. The employers have long understood that in order to attain their goals and remain profitable they need to ensure that they have loyal and happy employees and that is why they offer their employees more than average wages plus a bunch of other benefits. Harsh and dangerous Working Conditions As the oil and gas industry is very lucrative, the employers need highly skilled and experienced employees in all areas within the industry, some of the positions are located onshore and offshore. Workers who work on the drilling rigs need to be experienced and hardcore as they are faced

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