Reasons for Increasing Popularity of Social Media Marketing

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Internet technology, marketing and security Reasons for increasing popularity of social media marketing The major reason why social media marketing is increasing in popularity is that it is greatly cost-effective. ADDIN EN.CITE Donna20101207Donna, Hoffman, and Fodor. M. (2010)1207120717Donna, L., Hoffman,Fodor. M., Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?MIT Sloan Management ReviewMIT Sloan Management Review41-495212010 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Donna, 2010 #1207" Donna, Hoffman, and Fodor. M. (2010) states that many companies are using social media marketing since they only need to allocated a small chunk of their advertising budget and yet the return on investment is huge. This is because social media marketing helps the companies to reach a larger target market than traditional advertising channels. A second advantage of social media marketing is that it has huge potential for repeat exposure. This happens when as a result of the stickiness factor identified by ADDIN EN.CITE Trusov20091203Trusov, Bucklin, and Pauwels (2009)1203120317Trusov, M.,Bucklin, R.,Pauwels, K.,Effects of Word-of-Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing: Findings from an Internet Social Networking Site.Journal of MarketingJournal of Marketing90-1027352009 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_7" o "Trusov, 2009 #1203" Trusov, Bucklin, and Pauwels (2009). When a company places an advert on social media the chances that it will be seen by other individuals even after the initial advertising period is

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