Reasons for Pursuing a Master's Degree in Special Education

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Reasons for pursuing a Master's degree in Special Education Effective special education teachers are supposed to be good humored and organized. They should be people capable of accepting their students the way they are, even tempered, confident, intuitive and thick-skinned, optimistic, and dedicated to their students. The teachers should also be creative with their teaching methods (Webster, 2012). The coming into force of President Bush No Child Left behind Act in 2001 made it a requisite for schools and teachers to be accountable for how well their students were learning. Student's progress in reading, math, science, and other academic content could now be measured through standardized testing. Test scores have been broken down to show how specific racial and socio-economic groups are performing with a view to preventing schools from teaching to middle class white children and leaving behind children from other ethnicities (Boe & Cook, 2006). Bush's NCLBA with regard to special education advocates for early intervention and learning in the early years. Children not currently enrolled in special education but will likely need it in the future are accorded funds through NCLB to develop early intervention services. No Child Left behind Act requires that special education teachers be qualified and highly trained to be able to meet the standards they set as there are no waivers in cases of emergency or provision to allow for personnel who are not licensed or qualified
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