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Season and the planets, that’s been a question that’s has limited answers because of the limited research. In this essay we will discuss the common misconceptions that students have when understand the seasons of the earth, Along with identifying the other planets and if they have season or not. Also we will explain the aphelion, the perihelion and how it affects planet seasons.
There are few common misconceptions that students think are true regarding the reasons for seasons on earth. Students usually believe that because of the earth’s distance and its orbits around the sun causes the seasons. That is because students believe that the earth is in an elongated elliptical path that causes the season depending on the distance. When all
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When mars is ion the perihelion, which is the closest point to the sun; mars is at its fastest point. This in turn creates varying seasons on mars, than it does on earth. On mars every six months the seasons change on mars, for example winter lasts 146 days, summer lasting 199 days, and fall and spring last 171 days. The sun its self is not on a elliptical orbit, the planet gets nearer towards and away from the Sun as it moves around. When the planet is closest to the Sun it is at the perihelion. When the planet is the farthest from the sun, then it is at aphelion
Jupiter has an atmospheric pressure which is 10x greater that earths. With atmospheric pressure that great, causes the temperature from below the clouds causes the temperature to rise to a nice 70 degrees. As you go deeper into Jupiter reaching the core, it becomes hotter that the sun its self. Saturn is simple because its seasons are long lasting, for fall in Saturn lasted 2 years in 2002. Also in 2004 when the spacecraft Cassini started reached its destination to Saturn it started the season of winter.
Uranus orbits the same distance from the sun consistently and has had long winters which could last decades, when the sun’s rays reach far latitudes that hit Uranus. This causes the atmosphere to start an enormous storm which starts the beginning of spring. Because Uranus is tilted 98 degrees it causes 21 year seasons. Neptune is a slow planet, because its

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