Reasons for Teenage Drug Use

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In the past decade the use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and sexual intercourse has become a serious problem among teenagers. Many studies have been conducted to address this problem, such as the annual survey put out by Michigan State University. The deficiencies in these studies include the locality in which these studies are done as well as how to address these problems within a small community rather than broadband. The audiences of this study are the parents and policy makers of the small community of Yuma, Arizona. This study is important for the particular audience because Yuma is increasingly becoming a hot spot on the United States map for the use of drugs and a high teenage pregnancy rate. The goal for this…show more content…
Apparently, the main risk and preventative factors for drug use debut have been identified in the literature. These do not, however, include the common sense explanations by the teenagers themselves. Common sense explanations form part of the Social Representations Theory (SRT) of Moscovici (1979), who proposes the existence of two knowledge universes: a reified one consisting of scientific knowledge, and a consensual one consisting of common sense explanations. Reified knowledge is excluding because not all people have the abilities needed to form part of it, and only those who have acquired certain skills can effectively access and add to it. The consensual knowledge universe, in contrast, is the space encompassing the common sense explanations produced by the collectivity

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