Essay on Reasons for United States' Involvement in Vietnam

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Reasons for United States' Involvement in Vietnam

In this essay I will be writing about why America got involved in the Vietnam War, between the 1950s to the 1960s. This was a steady and slow process with many deaths all because of communism. It was very costly and bloody. This essay will focus on political reasons, military reasons and economy reasons.

Firstly the political reasons. The involvement in Vietnam started off with the cold war, when Russia and America the emerging super powers after WW2, two different styles of living had emerged the capitalists (America) and the communist (Russia), both with two different beliefs. The cold war was a war of words, America hated the fact more
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The French got this help by persuading the Americans they were combating communism. A 8-year guerrilla warfare occurs between the French and the Vietminh. 1954 The French make a heavily fortified base Dien Bien Phu they waited for Giap (general of the Vietminh) and the Vietminh troops to attack. Navarre the French general didn't think the Vietminh had heavy guns and with a surprise the Vietminh opened fire on the French with their artillery destroying the base and the Vietminh broke through the remains of the French lines and won the battle. The French then left Vietnam agreeing to most of their demands. This conference was held at Geneva and a treaty was signed called the Geneva peace agreement. As a result of this a portion line was set up dividing the south and north of Vietnam. This line was also demilitarised. America did not sign this; they saw this as giving into communism and hated it completely. America supported the non-communist South Vietnam while the communist Vietnam the north was still ruled by Ho Chi Minh. "It was generally agreed that had a election been held, Ho Chi Minh would have been elected premier. At the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader." President Eisenhower writing after the Vietnam War. Diem
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