Reasons for Using Hops in Beer

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Hops are one of the ingredients in beer that contains bitter flavor. Hops are flowers of Humulus lupulus and usually it is used in brewing. Hop plants have four main structures, which are strig, bracteole, bract, and lupulin glands. Lupulin glands contain resins and essential oils. Bitterness comes from alpha acids in lupulin glands. According to textbook (2012), hops have two basic market classes, bitterness and aroma. When hops are placed to the wort in the beginning of the boiling, it creates the bitterness. When hops are put into the boiling process at the end, it creates the hoppy aroma (Oliver, 2012, p. 459). The reason of adding aroma hops at the end is to minimize the evaporation (Agnew, 2008, p. 5). By boiling the hops, alpha acids are isomerized, which is a chemical process that changes alpha acids to provide bitterness. Hop’s flavor and aroma are developed from essential oils in lupulin glands. The process is similar with bittering. The flavor comes from oil dissolving into the boiling wort. Bitterness of hop is measured by IBU. IBU is international Bitterness Unit that is a standard for measuring bitterness (Oliver, 2012, p. 489). According to textbook (2012), “IBUs are calculated values composed of the quantity of material in wort of beer derived from hop resin, multiplied by the fraction 5/7” (Oliver, 2012, p. 490). There are several reasons for using hops in beer. According to textbook (2012), “hops increase its microbiological stability, help stabilize
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