Essay on Reasons for the Expansion of Deforestation

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There are many reasons for the expansion of deforestation. For instance agricultural activities, which are one of the major factors affecting deforestation because of the steadily increasing demand for food products, a large amount of trees are being cut down for cattle gazing. Logging contributes to all the wood base industries of paper, furniture, as well as a significant amount of wood supply. Wood is also used as fuel, therefore trees are cut for supplies, some examples of wood being used as fuels are charcoal and firewood. Some of these industries will develop on illegal wood cutting and felling of trees. Urbanization is another cause for deforestation; to be able to access forests roads have to be constructed and trees have to be chopped. As humans we are expanding and overpopulation is affecting forests, the more people we are, the more we need to make new cities, the more we need to build more houses and establishments and the more land we will need. Desertification of land, and mining release some type of toxic chemical that will contaminate the rainforest making it unsuitable for trees to grow. ("Deforestation," n.d.).Overall you environmentalists may have noticed how deforestation is done intentionally because out of deforestation all the industries gain money, which is one of the main reasons people such as local farmers that are in desperate need for money in rural areas will contribute to deforestation because of their lack of knowledge.…

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