Reasons for the Failure of the Mitigation Procedures

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Emergency response plan Following the floods havoc in the community, there were a lot of destructions that were experienced and this has been noted to be a common trend over more than five years despite the recommendations that have been put in place to ensure the destruction of property is kept at minimum as well as the general negative impact of the floods. The following is a brief plan than can be used to asses the damages of the flood within the community especially on property. The focus of the plan is to look at the response that was put forth by the city council, the salvaged property and the partly destroyed as well as the completely destroyed property by the floods. The key people that I would want to meet are the head of the natural disaster warning center responsible for the city, the police chief responsible for the town as well as the head of programming or logistics of the fire department of the city as well as the representative of the community group that is responsible for accounting for the losses of the community. The first step will be to know if there were any warning signs from the disaster alert center to the authorities of the city and the dwellers in advance and if there was, how long before the disaster struck. I will then enquire from the police and the administrative authority of the city if they got the warning in time from the disaster alert center. If the alert came in time what steps they took to ensure the dwellers moved their
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