Reasons of Businesses Conducting Operations in Third World Countries

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Reasons of Businesses Conducting Operations in Third World Countries Third world is referred as the underdeveloped and poor countries of the world. These countries usually have awfully poor environmental situations. It is because, in most of the third world countries, pollution is unrestricted. Moreover, other issues regarding the environment are also not resolved by the government. However, it is difficult for these nations to create and enforce environmental regulations since they would have to suffer economically. These nations usually have to decide one between the two choices that is clean environment or purchase food. Of course, the more pressing need is always the food. Developed western countries take advantage of the poverty dilemma of third world nations. They throw away garbage and dangerous waste in poor countries. These first world countries build their plants in poor countries which produce waste and emit pollution but since third world countries do not enforce environmental regulations so they don't face any difficulties. Even there are some factories that are considered to produce highly dangerous chemicals are restricted in first world countries but they function in third world countries. Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America are the common third world countries who are facing extreme environmental pollution. As according to World Watch Magazine, first world countries dumped 22 million metric tons dangerous wastes during 1988 in Africa.
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