Reasons of Gun Problem in America

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Abstract: Such many shootings as Denver Theater shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting, not only tear the heart of Americans, but also arouse the rest of world’s curiosity about this heated matter, having a great impulse to explore the reason behind the problem. Uncovered in the United States "foreign policy", from the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968 till now, there are about 30000 people die each year under shooting, that means more than 80 people were killed by guns a day on the average. It is analysed that although there are innumerable deaths of shooting, but the America still can 't enforce any gun control policy. The idea is that the gun is a tool for rebelling against tyranny and a tool for self-defense,…show more content…
Later, in the expansion of the west frontier, the guns again played an important role. At that time, the guns were already very common and became a part of Americans life. However, the real establishment of gun culture was during the American Civil War. During the Civil War, millions of Americans were armed with guns, and taught how to use guns and how to fight in the battle. It is the Civil War that further strengthened the important situation in the mind of Americans, and the people of United States also view the ownership of guns as an indepriveable right. After a long time evolution, to have gun and to use gun has constituted a part a American people’s way of life. What’s more, in the whole nineteenth century, the American government rarely took any method of law to limit the use of arms, owning guns had become nothing special. Subsequently, American’s love and passion for gun increased ever since then. Shopping at gun shops for Americans is nothing different from shopping at a shopping mall. The prominent American social study expert Herman Kahn once pointed out: “it is the core of American culture”, and in America gun is also regarded as “the symbol of order and totem”, which is also the concentrated reflection of American history, culture and tradition (Li Yuzi, 2005). Depicted as above, in the United States the appearance of gun is rooted with long history.

The deeply rooted values of gun The earlier immigrants of
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