Reauthorization Of Drones Essay

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Lawson Tierney-Brown 9A.

Mrs Woortman - English.

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Killer robots, invisible drones: not science fiction any more. Welcome to war.

One of the hottest pieces of tech since the smartphone is the Drone. Drones are used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult. The FAA Reauthorization Act was introduced America in 2012 to expand the use of Drones in the US. Drones have mostly been used with warfare. They still are, but their use is now going beyond conflict zones. They are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Drones can be remote controlled by a pilot and/or controlled by a computer. One of the first recorded usages of drones was by Austrians in 1849. They launched 200 pilot less balloons
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They cannot communicate with civilians for more detailed intelligence. Drones cannot capture surrendering military personnel, abandoned hardware, or military bases. Drones cannot go from door to door, at least, not yet. They cause damage to civilian lives and property. Making drone warfare very similar to video games makes combat too easy by lessening right decisions. The worst case scenario is when drones or a fleet of drones have been commandeered or taken control by the enemy. Drones, often mounted with cameras for aerial photography. They could potentially be used by an irresponsible person or institution for the purpose of spying, violating private property, and taking pictures without permission.

5 Things You Can Do With Drones You Should Think Twice About.
Drones can be bought in Australia but don’t think you can ignore the rules and get away with it.
1. Spy on people.
Always think twice about flying your drone on someone’s private property. Tempting it may be, remember that spying on people can get you in legal trouble.
2. Fly over your neighbour’s property.
Some people may get carried away with their “new toy.” It may seem like harmless fun, flying your done over your neighbour’s property may not be the neighbourly thing to
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