Rebate Programs : Rebate Program

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Rebate Program
There is a need for an increase in sales for your company. The increase in sales can be achieved by implementing a rebate program. The rebate program will entice your customers to buy the items that have the rebates as well as other items, because the customer will already be inside of your store. This will help your company to increase their sales while not having to spend as much money compared to other strategies.
Background and Goals
The rebate program will entice customers to buy your products. The customers will want to save money and they will be able to do so by taking part in the rebate program. Also, they will be more likely to make additional purchases. Additionally, the rebate program can be beneficial if the customers do not complete the necessary forms in order to get their money back. Either people will forget about the rebate or they will find that it is too much work to complete. This will lead to greater profits. Moreover, a rebate program can help your company sell dead stock. For the products that are having a hard time selling or are in fact defective, putting a rebate on those products will entice customers to purchase them. This all will depend on certain goals. The amount of difficulty will depend on whether or not your company wants to Focus more on higher profits or customer satisfaction.

Proposed Plan
Based on the needs of your company and other rebate programs already implemented in other companies, the following plan…
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