Rebecca Skloot

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We like to believe that science is a very precise field. We record every bit of data we can find so as to validate our results and obtain the most accurate information. However, if science is supposed to be a field where facts and statistics are safeguarded for future review, how is it that the story behind the origin of the famous HeLa cells went untold for so long? In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot aims to shine a light on the events that lead to the discovery of the HeLa cells, how it has changed not only the scientific field, but also the world in general, and how it has affected the family of Henrietta Lacks a woman whose name was almost forgotten.
The book opens up by describing the first incidents where Rebecca
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In order for all this research to take place though, there needed to be a huge supply of HeLa cells. Demand for HeLa cells was so high that soon a factory overseen by Gey was built to help mass produce the quantities needed. Eventually, an outside company called Microbiological Associated created a commercial factory to sell the cells knowing that there was a growing…show more content…
Laws that now prevent things such as invasions of privacy and define requirements of informed consent. If these laws had been in place during Henrietta's life, the story of the Lacks family may have been very different. In the last couple of chapters, we learn how Rebecca works with Deborah to piece together her mother’s story. Deborah, who suffers from crippling anxiety, comes to befriend Rebecca and is comforted in the idea that her mother’s story is finally being
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