Rebelling Colors. Carlos Cruz-Diez, “Chroma" May Be Interpreted

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Rebelling Colors

Carlos Cruz-Diez, “Chroma" may be interpreted as breaching the routine pattern of hue in everyday scale.

Carlos works is based on his groundbreaking color theory and art philosophy. Most of his works consist of site-specific installations and new innovations in the field of color theory and developing new color patterns and applying them to everyday space. His gallery pushes my attention towards his experimental work and focuses on multidisciplinary nature of his practice.

When I got into Carlos Chroma gallery in SCAD Museum of Art, you can see his inductive color phenomenon is structured. I can visualize two major points out of the structure one is the use of color contrast and the other is Induced color. His choice
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After spending a little amount of time with the illustration, I understand that the third color was just an illusion. Which makes me think of the process. Then I realized my phone, television, digital camera, etc. a great amount of color I perceive are not actually "present". What I see is a rich and studied mixture of different primary light colors. The mix was made by the brain through my visual organs. This relates to the RGB system that creates all perceptible colors from the mixture of red, green and blue. Human eye receptors are especially sensible to these three colors. Now the RGB colors are provoking me to look into them in a much deeper sense and all his works have this strong representation of colors. These colors have a strong impact on my emotions. Then to my surprise, I met with another piece of work from his gallery called Douches D’Induction Chromatique. It is closely related to the phenomenon of retinal persistence. The installation has three semitransparent cylinders with three different RGB colors basically red blue and green. Initially, I was completely blank and do not have any thoughts are assumptions about that artwork. At first, I entered the Red tinted cylinder and decided to dedicate 2 mins for each cylinder with a different color. As the time runs, the impact of the red tint is increasing faster with seconds. All I can see is red tented surroundings. The visuals which I was passing through were

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