Rebellion Against Slavery in Fires of Jubilee by Stephen B. Oates

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Fires of Jubilee is a book that is talking about slavery and rebellion against it. The book is enjoyable but still is very saddening because of the occurrences in the plots. Slavery is not something to be happy about. Humans treating other humans with no mercy, and making them works with no pay for extended hours.
The killings made by the slaves are saddening, too. Mutilating the whites and leaving their bodies lying is inhumane. It is such a shocking story. This book was meant to teach the reader on the inhumanity of slavery. It also gives us the image of what happened during the past years when slavery was practised.
The book is significant in the sense that it gives even the current generation the knowledge of slavery, how it
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Nat thought that he should use his intelligence and the respect he was given when he was a kid to start a rebellion against slavery. He said the God had shown him visions and he was the chosen one to stop slavery (Oates, 2009).
Nat grew up as a polite man who never do anything wronged to anyone and even became the slave preacher. This made the whites trust him. Joseph Travis saw him as the most behaved black and was even given credit to conduct unsupervised meetings in the church (Oates, 2009); which gave Nat room to explain his desire to revolt as asked for the people who could help him.
The message about a rebellion spread to the slaves in Southampton and small revolts followed. On August 1831 Nat led a group of armed slaves in the middle of the night and went round the homes of the whites killing them and living the bodies behind. They did this for two days but Nat killed nobody because of his Christian belief, but he thought that he was sent by God to free the slaves from bondage (Oates, 2009). The slaves had been mistreated for many years so they killed even women and children.
The Southampton residents thought that the killings were done by the British and it was a starting of another war. When they realised that the murders were conducted by the slaves and they were being led by Nat. Nat was turned in to the authorities and the actions termed to as delusional and not a fight against slavery. This was after Nat’s wife was found with drawings which were

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