Rebellion And Its Effect On Society

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Rebellion is when open,organised,and armed resistance to one’s government or ruler,resistance to or defiance of any authority,control or defiance of any authority,control,or tradition,the act of rebelling,organised resistance or other authority and dissent from an accepted moral code or convention of behaviour,dress,etc. An example of Rebellion is when Kat and Peeta decided that they don’t want to be a part of the games anymore.A quote of Rebellion must be ‘’ I begin to question them [Katiniss stylist’s] casually about what other hardship this winter has brought them.They are used to want,So any disruption in supply makes an impact on them.By the time I’m ready to be dressed,their complaints about the difficulty of getting different products_ _ from Crabmeat to music to ribbons - - has given me a sense of which districts might actually be rebelling… The thought of such wide-spread rebellion has me quivering with fear and excitement’’. As Kat doesn 't know her stylist,because there’s hardships and talk about winter,it can see about being dressed. Manipulation must be the act of manipulating,the state or fact of being manipulated,skilful or artful management,The act or the practices of manipulating and The State of being manipulated. One example of Manipulation is that Kat must help the group of rebels as for their games Kat was the symbol for being used so it is the big point.A quote for Manipulation (1.17) ‘’ But that was before the Games. Before my
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