Rebellion And There Pretty Much Was A War

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rebellion and there pretty much was a war. One of the most interesting events that the Sikh extremists did was the attack on the Romanian ambassador. The Sikhs are extremely violent in all their means and a lot of it is also retaliation. But the founder of the religion was a gentle soul. This shows just how easy it is for religion to turn violent. The younger activists had taken over pretty much and now the older Sikh leaders were just there. That is how the religion got so messed up. That 's why they were all about violence and none of the original Sikh views. They did not even achieve any political views. The Sikh terrorist are mainly in India. So even if the government is not the best doesn 't mean people can do whatever that want.
In this chapter Armageddon in a Tokyo subway, the religious movement Aum Shinrikyo and the poisonous sarin gas incident in the Tokyo subway. Aum Shinrikyo is Japaneses Buddhism and they got media because of the poison gas in the tokyo subway killing a number of people and injuring thousands more. The sarin gas is odorless in its pure state but the gas the terrorist had was impure and reportedly smelled like burning rubber or mustard. The terrorists stabbed the plastic bag that had the poison is it and left it on different parts of the trains. Almost immediately the people on the trains were coughing and choking. When the trains stopped the people stumbled out vomiting and on the ground in pain. They also were foaming at the mouth and unable…

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