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NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT THE ECONOMICS OF 1. United Kingdom 2. South Africa 3. Australia 4. Saudi Arabia 5. New Delhi 6. Myanmar 7. Thailand 8. Peru 9. Nigeria 10. Wales 1. United Kingdom UK retail sales flat in November BRC's Helen Dickinson: "We will see a flurry of activity as Christmas approaches" UK retail sales failed to grow in November, adding to fears that consumers are reining in spending ahead of Christmas. Sales volumes were flat in November compared with October, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. They had been expected to bounce back after October's shock 0.8% fall. The one bright spot was in household goods stores, where sales rose by 3.8% on the month, including consumer…show more content…
With overall sales growth almost stagnant, it meant that consumers had actually reduced the volume of goods they purchased in shops. Visa likewise reported that the value of online sales that it recorded in the week to Sunday, 16 December had risen 2.3% from a year ago, even though overall spending was down. Ang United Kingdom ay isa sa mga bansa sa Europe. Base sa ulat ay nagkaroon ng pagbaba ng sales sa buwan ng Nobyembre, ngunit aasahin nilang lalaki ito sa buwan ng Desyembre. Ang mga online sales naman ay naging maganda ang kalagayan. 2. South Africa A rare report by the OECD makes some trenchant observations AFRICA'S biggest economy is being held back by one of the world's lowest labour-participation rates and one of its highest unemployment rates. Barely 40% of South Africa's working-age population have jobs, compared with around 60-75% in other middle-income emerging markets, according to a report out this week by the OECD. One in three South Africans in the labour force, including half of young black people aged 15-24, is unemployed. This, more than anything, most constrains South Africa's economic growth, says the Paris-based outfit. To create jobs for so many people would require “many years of 6% or even 7% growth”, says Ángel Gurriá, the OECD's secretary-general. Pravin Gordhan, South Africa's

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