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Nestled in the natural ridge that runs between Atlanta and Athens and in between South River and Hightower Trail lays the territory that comprises of DeKalb County (The DeKalb History Center). DeKalb County, also known, as the greenest county in America is located in Georgia. DeKalb County is the third largest county in the state with over 9 cities located inside of it parameters. According to US Census Bureau 691,893 people resided in the county based off of 2010. 23.9% were represented by individuals that were aged 18 and under (DeKalb Census Bureau). Over the years from 2000-2010, DeKalb County has seen a 3.9 percent increase in its population. Georgia has 159 counties. The DeKalb County Juvenile Court is located in the Gregory A. Adams…show more content…
Hispanics do come through the system but not as much as blacks juveniles, with a small number of kids that are Caucasian and other races. Blacks and Hispanics usually can’t afford a private attorney like the Caucasian kids and other races, and usually have to end up with a public defender unless it is a high profile case and a private attorney comes in. According to Juvenile Courts, a juvenile is classified into three different groups. The first group is considered a Delinquent. A Delinquent is a person who is under age (usually below 18), who is found to have committed a crime in states that have declared by law that a minor lacks responsibility and thus may not be sentenced as an adult (Legal Dictionary). Another term a juvenile can be referred to be a status offender. A status offender is a juvenile charged with or adjudicated for conduct that would not, under the law of the jurisdiction in which the offense was committed, be a crime if committed by an adult (Act 4 Juvenile Justice). Finally a Juvenile can be identified as a dependent and neglected child. These are usually youth that are deprived and in need of support and supervision (Cliff Notes) Not every child that encounters a police is taken in custody. Police officers are more lenient on juveniles because they do not want a stigma to be placed on them as they grow up. Some youth’s are not that lucky, in which they are taken into custody and are given one of

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