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OM 2 Chapter 1: Goods, Services, and Operations Management Problems, Activities, and Discussions 1) Explain how operations management activities affect the customer experiences described in the anecdote at the beginning of this chapter. What “moments of truth” would a customer at Disney World encounter? Think about the total experience including lodging, food service, shopping, and transportation, as well as theme park attractions and operations. The anecdote of a Disney experience focuses on the role of goods, services, and processes in creating customer satisfaction. Students will have many great examples of their Disney or theme park experiences. Moments of truth might include (a) booking a Disney vacation and the…show more content…
Students should provide a variety of practical examples. One example is watching a sporting event on television; this is close to a pure service with no goods content but very high service and entertainment content. If you actually go to the game then the ticket, team program, and stadium food represent peripheral goods and more total goods content. Get the students participating – use their examples to illustrate key OM concepts. Help them “see OM” in their examples. 5) Explain why a bank teller, nurse, or flight attendant must have service management skills. How do the required skills differ for someone working in a factory? What are the implications for hiring criteria and training? Service-providers need technical/operations skills plus human interaction and marketing skills. A bank teller, for example, must be able to complete many types of financial transactions and operate the computer and associated software. The teller must also interact with the customer in a pleasant way and market other financial services (cross-sell, up sell, etc.). A factory worker can focus on technical/operations/production skills since they have no or little interaction with customers. The training for service-providers is more interdisciplinary compared to factory employees. (6) Draw the customer benefit package (CBP) for one of the

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