Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

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Rebuilding after Katrina Hurricane Katrina was one of the most and extraordinary disasters which rocked the part of New Orleans in the United States of America. The disaster left dozens of people dead, rendering thousands of them homeless. The public were shocked after the extreme hurricane because millions of dollars were recorded all as losses given that there was not enough money that for repairing all the damages. Hurricane Katrina had a great negative impact on the public health causing psychological trauma that resulted in a sizeable burden of different diseases. The data collected showed that several people were attacked with a cute stress disorder (ASD) among sheltered evacuees (Zimmermann, 2012). The paper will analyze the sources and impact of power and influence in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina including the impact of power and influence on public administration and public policy. In every government states, there must be set of measures that are taken to achieve the set objectives and public policies are renowned to be the government-driven course of actions. Every stakeholder get satisfied if only there are policies which are made that can integrate their input. The citizens are therefore important when involved in the policy making process and administration to shun conflicts. Failure to do so, the outcome often results to huge conflicts and misunderstandings because they may feel left out from the issues that affect them. After Hurricane
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