Rec Fest Research Paper

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I had a chance to get involved in the Global Abilities – Philadelphia Rec Fest ‘s sixth annual. It is held at the Carousel House Recreation Center on September 24, 2016. Kate Miller is the one who mainly in charge of the volunteers and the overall set up of the event. This is a creation festival that runs by Global Abilities Foundation to help hundreds of people of all ages and both able-bodied and disabled individuals to become more physically active, and educate the public about the needs of persons with disabilities while raising money for disability awareness. It demonstrated numerous different recreation activities include wheelchair sports, dancing, martial art, scuba diving, rock climbing, gardening and much more. They have many organizations…show more content…
It was a fun day, featuring recreational lessons for kids and adults with disabilities and for all guests, volunteers who were involved. As a volunteer in Rec Fest event, it is an eye-opening experience for me to realize that doing even a small thing but can have a big impact on others. So many of the individuals I have met and worked with through this event have exceeded my expectations that I had when I began this volunteer experience. Actually, I learned a lot about how to treat people and diversify my life. I volunteered for 4 hours and had many of different responsibilities such as assisting at the parking lot, implementation of the event and then helped clean up after the event. At first, I assisted with the games of wheelchair rugby. I experienced while watching the games and stay outside to help when needed and cheer them. It was interesting to see how team sports would work with disability people. They have a different kind of wheelchairs used for specific sports in order to participate. The supervisor did not let us stay in one position and they moved us around to let us experience more things. I assisted in helping to direct traffic later in the day and helped to find people when buses come to pick them up, also direct them to their exact bus. Everyone had a name tagged and we had a paper with names and describe their appearance. So it made us easy to find. This contributed my patience behavior. This event was implemented for those who are disabled not only how they participate but also how they can have fun and overcome their personal
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