Recapture Method

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This experiment is being conducted to use the capture, mark, and recapture method to determine an estimate population size of an individual in an area. We are testing whether or not this method can be used to accurately estimate the population size. Our approach is to capture as many individuals as we possibly can in a set time, mark and release the individuals, and then attempt to recapture said marked individuals. The overall class estimates received from this experiment were not that far off the actual population size of the individuals. The class data in the end yielded an approximate 12% difference. Introduction: There are a variety of methods that can be used when trying to estimate population size. A common method used by wildlife biologists is the capture, mark, and recapture method. This method is particularly useful when trying to estimate the population size of a mobile or far-ranging species. Some…show more content…
There were two groups who received a difference of over 800 for their estimated population size which affected the class data. On average the groups population estimates varied by roughly 550 individuals. The team that came closest to the actual population was Team 12 who estimated the population to be 2508, while the actual population was 2400. The class data overall yielded an approximate 12% difference. Discussion: Advantages that come with the capture, mark, and recapture method is that you will be dealing with the same species of animal during the capture periods and it will give you an idea of the population size. Unfortunately, there are some factors that make this method unreliable which include, whether or not the population is closed or open, and life and death. An open population makes data collected less accurately measured due to immigration and
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