Receiving, Storage, Issuing, Inventory

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PURCHASING Primary Purpose To ensure a continuing supply of sufficient quantities of the necessary foods, each of the quality appropriate to its intended use and purchased at the most favorable price Types of Food to be Purchased 1. Perishables Typically fresh foods that have a short useful life after they have been received Example: fruits, vegetables, fresh seafoods, fresh meats 2. Non-Perishables Food items that have longer shelf-life Frequently referred to as groceries or staples Stored in packages or containers in which they are received for weeks or even months Example: canned, bottled, packed goods, frozen meats and seafoods ESTABLISHING STANDARDS AND STANDARD PROCEDURES QUALITY…show more content…
Telephone 2. Fax 3. Quotation sheets 4. Salespersons 5. Internet THE PURCHASE ORDER - written record of what you have decided to buy - made in triplicate o receiving o accounting o vendor PURCHASE ORDER INFORMATION 1. Item name 2. Specification # or specs 3. Quantity 4. Quoted Price 5. Extension Price 6. Total Price of Order 7. Vendor Information 8. Purchase Order Number 9. Date Ordered 10. Delivery date 11. Name of person who received order/contact person 12. Delivery instructions RECEIVING Primary Purpose To verify that the quantity, quality and price of each item delivered conforms to the order placed RECEIVING AREA - must be large enough to allow for checking (counting & weighing) products delivered - accessibility to storage and refrigerated areas to maintain items in their desired temperatures - area stays free of trash and clutter to avoid possible theft - should be kept extremely clean to avoid contamination of food - should be well-lit and ventilated ESTABLISHING STANDARDS AND STANDARD PROCEDURES RECEIVING STANDARDS 1. The quantity delivered should be the same as the quantity listed on the Market Quotation List or Purchase Order, and this should be identical to the quantity listed on the invoice that accompanies the delivery 2. The quality of the item delivered should
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