Recent Changes in the Print Industry

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Print industry can trace its root back to the ancient Egyptians, China, and Europe in the first 10 centuries. Not until the mid 1400’s did the print industry reach a pivotal transformation, which was the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. This allowed for faster mass production of printed materials such as the Bible for instance. Century after century this industry evolved into a worldwide business for providing information to the masses. In our society today, the Internet is our main source for business, communication, getting information, etc. The Internet has evolved since first being introduced into something everyone in a sense needs, since it can help with our lives. The print industry is currently co-existing with the Internet and digital technology industries, and the print industry has struggled and has been forced to adapt. Our society is moving faster and getting information faster due to the Internet and digital technology. The print industry cannot keep up with the digital age in regards to providing information. It’s that digital has surpassed print. It has many advantages and with technology constantly growing there will be more. Characteristics of digital include: ubiquity, speed, permanence, search ability, the ability to update, the ability to remix, targeting, interaction, marketing via links, and data feedback. Digital transcends the limitations of print…
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