Recent Customer Service Issues Within Cricket

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To:;; From:; Subject: Recent customer service issues within Cricket Equip Date: 18/05/2016 Meeting topics to be discussed: 1. Meeting introduction and welcome. 8Am – 8:10am 2. Current customer service issues within Cricket Equip. 8:10am – 8:50am 3. Cricket Equip’s customer service standards and requirements. 8:50Am – 9:30am 4. Recommendations for customer service improvement. 9:30am – 9:55am 5. Staff feedback on how customer service can be improved. 10Am – 10:20am 6. Staff training needs of customer service. 10:20am – 11:15am 7. Meeting conclusion and summary. 11:15am - 12am Part B Meeting purposes: To solve customer service…show more content…
• Clarify ambiguity: Things are so much less demanding when they are dark or white, when there is a "right reply" to each inquiry or issue we confront. Shockingly in this present reality of purchasing and offering, there are no right replies, there is no unmistakable direction–either for us in offering or for our clients, A standout amongst the most vital aptitudes of high performing sales representatives is the capacity to manage ambiguity both by the way they work and in drawing in clients, encouraging their purchasing procedure. • Understand requirement: A business can 't make do without leading progressing endeavors to better comprehend client needs. To find if your item or administration is having a beneficial outcome and making client dependability, require significant investment to determine your client 's passionate and material needs, and then offer important motivators for staying faithful to your organization. Obtaining client input doesn 't need to be costly; from making straightforward email overviews to taking an additional moment to connect with on the business floor, you can take in a great deal about what clients need just by asking and tuning in. Additionally to take in more, you could even approach them for a tad bit of time just to round out a poll • Using communication techniques appropriate to different social and cultural groups: The business environment of the 21st century is expanding to include people from cultures and
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