Recent Demoralization of Our Markets Essay

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Recent Demoralization of Our Markets Diana Ortega Global Business Environment February 10th, 2012 Recent Demoralization of Our Markets Many have said that money cannot buy happiness, however in Santa Ana, California it can provide you with a jail cell upgrade for $90 a night, or the right to immigrate into the United States at a modest price of $500,000 (Sandel, 2012). Over the past decade, certain services and goods that were once thought to be found in the black market are now entering our market. It is as if every time our country faces a financial crisis, the market experiences a noticeable detachment from morals. Greed and unnecessary risk taking have been the prime suspects (Sandel, 2012). In Sandel’s 2012 article, What…show more content…
Our market has some gray areas but it is important to draw the line soon. Freedom comes with great responsibility. Too much freedom in our markets is allowing anything to be bought and sold, and before we know it, it will crumble and cause unbelievable chaos. Our lack of values and morals has fed this abomination and it is uncertain how far it will go. Pretty soon the use of recreational drugs will be legal due to a group of rich individuals being able to purchase that right, and although money would be pouring in, a greater consequence would be put on the lower end where addiction and drug abuse is common. Inequality, between the rich and the poor, is a major reason for this foolishness. Not everyone is born into a rich family, most of us live happy with what we can afford, yet there are others who are not so lucky. There is a market for them too. In Sandel’s article, “What Isn’t for Sale”, he mentions new ways in which one can make quick and easy money such as serving as a guinea pig for a pharmaceutical company, or standing in line for a lobbyist (2012). It seems pretty harmless, if anything it is a positive move to keep a homeless person away from the streets for one night and get paid to do something simple. Sandel believes this is a form of inequality (2012). It is unfair to make a poor man stand in line, sometimes overnight, for a highly

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