Recently, More And More People’S Bodies Started To Have

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Recently, more and more people’s bodies started to have some health issues. The most common one we know is depression, and the most serious one is heart disease (Landu). As the health issues become more and more serious, thus we need to think about what’s the origin of these health issues are. We find out that people are used to eat too much fast food, get stress from different some cases, poor sleeping habits and so on, those situations can be the reason why people’s bodies are such unhealthy. People frequently ignore their health condition, thus they do not realize the health issue of themselves until the last second, at that moment, it’s too late to get treatment. For here, I want to suggest a way to benefit your body and help you to…show more content…
This purpose is for help body have an adaptation period, it can avoid your body feels hurt on the next morning when you wake up. And if you want to keep your stature and never rebound, you have to maintaining to the exercise (Martin). From the another article, I saw some bodybuilder’s suggestion people on losing weight. Such as, Long term of hiking or biking, swimming, dancing, play volleyball, play tennis and so on. Since these exercises always require huge amount of exercise, they can help you lose weight by certain degrees (Goldman). You might see people lose weight after they take some exercises, the next one I am going to talk about has engaged many college students to do exercise. The second benefit is that exercise can improve your quality of sleep. I used to saw an article reminded me, “there has many adult has some sleep problems, they suggest that the aerobic exercise is a great way to solve this sleep problem” (Hendrick). college students have to deal with tons of assignment or project every day, some courses even have large projects duo by the end of each month. It takes quite a bit of time for the students to figure out what they need to do with those assignment, thus student’s sleeping habits has been changed. Based on my experience, when I was in high school, I usually sleep before 10 PM. But right now, I can’t finish my work until 11 pm, sometimes I can’t finish all my homework until 1 AM. Even if I can finish my homework early, but I
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