Reception And Outpatient Are The Reception Area

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a. Reception/Outpatient Area: The reception area was taken care of by the Veterinary Assistants and the Veterinary Technicians. This is where they have their main computer and any files or folders for outpatients. Majority of the folders for patients just coming in are hung on their cages since normally they are in and out before they can be filed away, and to help keep employees updated throughout their shift. The patents folders include; chief complaint, any medications given/when to give them, any IV fluids given/ and vitals.
b. Treatment/Triage Area: There is not a specific area for this. The receptionist relays the information to the Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician so they can decide who needs to be treated next. The worst patients should be seen first, the more stable patients can ‘wait their turn.’ If it is serve enough the Veterinary Assistant will bring the patient back immediately to the Veterinarian. The Veterinarian and the Veterinary Technician get Vitals on the patient and try to stabilize them as much as possible. If the patient needs oxygen, the Veterinary Technician will deliver oxygen to the patient using the Anastasia machine or putting the patient in an oxygen chamber.
c. ICU/Hospital Area: This is the largest part of the facility and the main-room. This is where each patient is brought to for treatment. This room has many pieces of equipment such as the laboratory diagnostics area, sinks, patient medical tables, and crash cart area.
d. Surgery…
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