Recidivism Is An Important Part

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Recidivism is an important part and essentially one of the main problems of the criminal justice system. Recidivism occurs anytime an individual reverts to committing illegal activities, after they have endured some form of punishment for a previous (if not the same) crime. Every neighborhood and every community experiences crime. Every community sends its criminals away and once their time is served they are released back into that same community. Under the canopy of recidivism, regardless of the specific type of crime, the issue if not changed will continue to perpetuate crime. While not every criminal reverts, problems within the criminal justice system are facilitating recidivism.
To be considered a recidivist, a person that was once incarcerated and released must re-offend and be detained. The effect that confinement has on ex-offenders has been an ongoing issue for years. It is commonly believed that once a person commits a crime they will always go back to the life of crime they chose. Once imprisoned the criminal/individual would inevitably return to prison. As the rate of incarceration in the United States has continued to increase, 2.3 million people are incarcerated in the nation’s prisons and jails (Wright, 1).This is problematic, since crime is carried on or restarts in prison. The criminal justice system is prone to sentencing confinement for crimes, in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of recidivism but it generally does the opposite. This is also an…
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