Reclassification Case Study

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I spoke to Juan Diego Garcia's mom regarding her comment about reclassification. I explained to her that I was no aware of any meeting where it was decided and/or talked about reclassifing him last year. She said during in an IEP it was brough up the idea of reclassifing him but no decitions were made. Apparntly someone from Burbank said that "there was no time to reclassifing him at that time". Since I was the ELL Specialist last year and I was in top of all qualifing students, that was not the case. I shared with her Juan Diego's current CELDT and ELA scores and that based on that, he does not meet the criteria. Mrs. Garcia said that she requested help from Ms. Uribe so he could have additional help for CELDT. I hope this helps. Let me know
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