Reclassification Research Paper

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I am Aric See and I am a senior in the Weidner School of Inquiry at Plymouth High School in Plymouth Indiana. Net Neutrality is a very important issue facing the United States, with many Republican members of Congress opposing the FCC’s Open Internet Order and the reclassifying of broadband to Telecommunication Services from Information Services. The members of the GOP who are completely against the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) reclassification, and attempts to keep the internet free, give many reasons that are simply not true, such as the FCC’s regulations will destroy the free nature of the internet. Because of the attempts by Congressmen with the GOP to fight the regulations, many Americans, especially small business owners that use the web as a base, feel that their equality and freedoms on the internet will be…show more content…
When ISPs were attempting to take away the FCC’s regulations millions of Americans issued complaints with the FCC in an attempt to keep their freedom and it was successful for the time. Now however many members of Congress in the GOP are attempting to undo the very protections that millions of Americans fought for. In order to allow for the best protection of the internet, and for it to remain open and free, the United States needs to reclassify broadband to Telecommunication Services so the FCC can regulate and protect the internet from those who would seek to harm it. Senator you once stated: “My question about everything I do is, does it make our country stronger?” and I assure you that this will not only make the country stronger but allow for a major instrument of freedom to remain an instrument of freedom. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your very important and busy schedule to read this and hope that you will honor the wishes of millions of
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