Recognise the Effect of Barriers and Influences on Communication

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Recognise the effect of barriers and influences on communication

Communication can be blocked if individual differences are not understood. There are 3 ways in which this happens; a person can not see, hear or receive the message, a person can not make sense of the message, a person misunderstands the message (Core Themes in Health and Social Care, page 6, Beryl Stretch). These can all make communication ineffective and often impossible but can all be overcome with a different method or communication aids. ‘A barrier gesture is any action, behaviour or physical arrangement (such as room layout) that discourages the other person from feeling comfortable, thereby reducing their ability to communicate positively and effectively’
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The care worker must be reassuring and try to offer advice to the service user.
Listening involves learning about frightening and depressing situations and care workers may be a little apprehensive about sitting down and listening to the service user. Care workers may be unable to listen to the service user’s problems due to being tired – active listening requires full mental energy, being emotionally stressed by the individual’s needs or believing that they do not have sufficient time to communicate properly. The care worker can overcome this by making sure they are alert at all times when with a service user and put them and their needs first. To alleviate their stress, they could speak to another care worker to offload their fears.
Dealing with a victim of abuse could cause communication problems; they may have suppressed emotions or thoughts that may help carers devise a care plan and until they are shared, providing the right type of care will be difficult and little can be done to improve their situation. By speaking to the service user softly and constantly reassuring them could make them feel more at ease and may encourage them to talk about their experience or needs. They could suggest that the service user could write down their views or needs if they do not feel they are able to speak. A counsellor could be provided to help the service user come to terms with their abuse and try to move
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