Recognition Of Identity : American Culture

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Recognition of Identity in American Culture Where are you come from? Where is your family? Questions like this can be sensitive, paradoxical and intimate to people’s identity and their social locations. In America, we come from variety of cultural backgrounds and consist of different types of community based on religion. Being an American could be Jewish, Christian, Italian, gay or firefighter. Therefore, finding your position is not easy while balancing all other factors among your community. Factors may come from family, friends, community and religion and those could be very confusing to your own identity. Sometimes we have troubles to understand the identity between oneself and social community, and we may lost on the road while we try to set our roots and families. As human, we have choices to embrace our community and blend in with crowds, or deny the existent fact of ethnicity, run away from it. For Adrienne Rich , an American poets, an essayist, a committed feminist, she identifies herself to the reader, as the product of a Jewish father and a gentile mother. But she cannot find her identity throughout her childhood and her death in fighting her family religion and her community. On the other hand, Michael Perry, after 12 years of travel and living in New York, a registered nurse and magazine journalist, returned to his childhood town, New Auburn, and identified himself as a voluntary firefighter and joined the local rescue department in his home town and set his
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