Recognition of Gay and Lesbian Marriage and Pluralism Essay

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Recognition of gay and lesbian marriage and pluralism Word Count: 2024 What does pluralism reveal about the recognition of gay and lesbian marriage? What are the strengths and limitations of this theory in understanding the recognition of gay and lesbian marriage? Power overlaps between interest and political groups and as a result, political decision-making is reached through negotiation and compromise (Manley 1983). Indeed, when examining the progressive debate concerning the legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Australia, the perception that power is bartered through interest groups becomes highly plausible through the lens of classical pluralist theory. There are competing visions of diversity in Australia, and behind…show more content…
The classical pluralist model is distinguished by its example of power being relatively dispersed and that decision-making is open to a variety of interest groups. In Australia, scholarship has settled upon what Monsma and Soper describe as ‘pragmatic pluralism’ (1997) based upon political expediency, explained by the practical character of Australian culture and in the context of same-sex marriage, an interest in giving a ‘fair-go’ (Sky News Australia 2015). The most important predictions about same-sex marriage and politics amount to the flow-on political participation and organization of interests. This is a topic Australian people are interested in. This tenet of Dahl’s organizational pluralism urges individuals to query the conditions of rights, ritual and state recognition in Australia (Dahl 1978). In this way, classical pluralism’s strength in relation to the marriage equality topic is that it speaks to a future where diverse relationships are supported, instead of denied and shamed. Australian classical pluralist theory is a conventional corpus, and its core ideas offer one of the more relevant power analyses regarding polarized concerns for morality in the same-sex marriage debate. Political theorist, Galston, argues that there is a strong case for pluralism being the most adequate account of the moral universe mankind inhabits (1999). If this is the case, then the pendulum
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