Recognizing Arguments In The Book 'Lord Of The Rings'

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Tyler Haug HUM200 September 9, 2015 Dr. Dustow Recognizing Arguments Part 1 1A. 1. Sue is pregnant... Premise Sue will either give birth to a boy or girl… Premise Therefore, Sue’s possible child name could be Mark or Margaret… Conclusion This is deductive reasoning because the conclusion is based on the premises provided. 2. The library has The Lord of the Rings fantasy novel… Premise All fantasy novels are housed on the second floor… Premise Therefore, The Lord of the Rings book is fiction and properly shelved on the second floor of the library… Conclusion This is inductive reasoning because the premise does not provide sufficient support to the conclusion. 3. This is a deductive argument because the conclusion is recognized. 1B. 1.This is an…show more content…
1. The author concludes that: A stay-at-home parent should be considered equal to a parent that leaves and goes to work and make money. The reasons for making the argument are: Nowadays, people are more worried about themselves and making money. They sometimes show a blind side to their children and their needs while they grow up. 2. The author concludes that: Mr. Gonzales is unfit to become the attorney general. The reasons for making the argument are: That the Senate would reject Mr. Gonzales nomination as attorney general based on his records. 2B. 1. Michael just moved here from Chicago. Michael has red hair, therefore people from Chicago have red hair. Conclusion- That everyone from Chicago has red hair. Supporting Argument- I find this to be inductive because without making a trip to Chicago to find out for yourself that not everyone is red headed, you would make a general assumption (premise) to fit the conclusion. 2. Snakes are reptiles and reptiles are cold-blooded; therefore, snakes are cold-blooded. Conclusion- Snakes are cold-blooded animals. Supporting Argument- I find this to be deductive because the premises of reptiles being cold-blooded and snakes are reptiles match to the
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