Recognizing Relationships And Making Connections Essay

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Recognizing relationships and making connections, this is an ability I acquired at an early age. Poor communication where ideas are not completely understood or expressed, have irritated me for as long as I can recall. As such I have enjoyed assisting people in gaining an understanding of complex concepts by creating metaphors and similarities that are easier to comprehend in a new way. This perspective on simplifying ideas and explaining them to others eventually inspired an enthusiasm for learning how to effectively communicate.

Being home educated throughout the duration of high school, I found that much of my education came from being self motivated and self taught. Having come from a family that was focused on education and my social skills—my Father with a Bachelor 's in education, and my mother teaching my brother and me at home—I felt strongly about reading and gaining knowledge in various areas of interest. However, I excelled most expediently in any coursework that had a creative or expressive quality to it. These were the mediums that felt the most natural. Although I was initially a slow writer, my proficiency began to evolve during my time in community college, when I took a composition class with a professor that strongly encouraged me to express myself through my creative writing.

In order to further pursue my creative interests throughout my dual enrollment in community college I chose electives such as Photography and Web Design, but was often…
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